Smart Engines Updates ID Scanning AI

Smart Engines
3 min readJul 28, 2023

Smart Engines, a leading developer of OCR technologies, announced a new generation of all of the company’s products for scanning ID cards, driver’s licenses, passports, credit cards, barcodes, accounting documents, and KYC questionnaires. Smart Engines enhances machine-readable zone recognition on passports, error rate reduced by further 23%.

Many companies of all sizes, including members of the Forbes Global 2000 List, use Smart Engines’ software to identify their customers, scan a credit card or QR code for payment and facilitate remote business. The Smart Engines product line consists of the Smart ID Engine, Smart Code Engine and Smart Document Engine SDKs.

With the updated version of the Smart ID Engine, Smart Engines developers have achieved a 23% error reduction in machine readable zone (MRZ) recognition compared with the previous version. MRZ scanning is used in case of state border crossing, flight check-in, accommodation booking, hotel check-in and for remote customer identification procedures.

Smart Engines scientists have added a passport RFID chip presence information to its Smart ID Engine SDK. Thanks to this feature, our customers will know the presence or absence of a biometric chip in a passport at the moment it is scanned, and will be able to decide more quickly whether or not to read biometric information.

The Smart ID Engine software adds 27 new types of identity documents that were not previously supported. These include, for example, new documents from African countries (Central African Republic ID card, Mozambique voter card) as well as Bhutan voter card, Firearm permit (North Dakota) and Vanuatu Residence permit.

Some improvements have been made to the recognition of French ID cards, with the updated SDK reducing the number of potential errors by 5%. And we have trained our algorithms to recognize the Data Matrix code on the back side of the new French ID card (eCNI) even better, reducing the error rate by 35%.

Also 45 new subtypes of identity documents have been added, including documents of China, Republic of Korea, Australia, USA, Finland, Switzerland and others. In total, today Smart Engines technology provides accurate and secure data recognition of 2 511 ID document types and 3 907 templates from 230 issuing authorities worldwide.

The company’s other products have also been updated. Smart Document Engine 2.1.0 has increased the speed of full-text document recognition by 5%. Added new fields and improved recognition quality for the Extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate.

Due to security and privacy considerations Smart Engines software runs on-premise or on-device and performs OCR in real time, does not require a network connection, the presence of graphics processors (GPU) or powerful computing resources on the customer’s side.

Important advantages of Smart Engines software are enhanced user experience, compliance with the individual rights and freedoms, high-level security standards of personal data processing — GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and the AI Act proposed by the European Commission.



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