Smart Code Engine. Smart bank cards scanner.

Smart Code Engine (previously known as Smart CardReader) scans and recognizes credit and debit cards of the main transnational and national payment systems worldwide, securely extracts the card number (14–19 digits), the expiration date, the cardholder’s first and last name and EU IBAN card numbers. The user does not need to focus on the card to scan credit cards — our AI algorithms detect the card at any angles and even when the card is not entirely within the capture frame. The Smart Code Engine credit card scanner is also resistant to poor lighting conditions and geometrical distortions. The important feature of the SDK is its compactness — the embedded packet size for Android and iOS apps is only 4.5 MB.

With the great features in version 1.4.0. Smart Code Engine extracts data from credit cards of 21 payment systems worldwide. Click on the link below to read more:

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